Outdoors is my Therapy Podcast

The Outdoors is my Therapy podcast informs, inspires and empowers you to spend time outdoors for the benefit of your health and well-being.

This podcast is for you whether you’re an experienced adventurer, a backyard explorer, someone with a growing interest in connecting with nature, or if there have been challenges in your life that have got in the way of you spending time outside. Together we’ll explore the benefits of spending time outdoors which truly is the ideal space to challenge yourself physically and mentally, as well as to find healing, nurturing and connection. When you connect with the outdoors, with nature, you become better connected with your inner self, with others and with the world around you. You feel healthier and happier.

Episodes are filled with practical tips, innovative ideas, projects and programs, inspiring personal stories, interviews, the latest research and what it means for you and your health, and we’ll take you on some adventurous journeys as well. Outdoors is my therapy, and it can be your therapy too. Welcome on board!