Free Printables

FREE printables for your INSPIRATION!

These free downloadable printables are intended for personal use. You are welcome to share them with your clients and friends at your own discretion. Please acknowledge the source if you are sharing, citing or quoting. Please do not make alterations to the originals.

Strong Mind, Body, Spirit

Download and print this reminder to help you take action every day towards a strong mind, body and spirit.

Nature's Calm Kit

Create your personalised Calm Kit using this worksheet to help you identify nature-based self-soothing strategies.

Improve Your Sleep

You can improve your sleep naturally by being intentional about spending time outdoors.

Adventures are for Everyone

Add your own ideas to this adventure list and use it for inspiration whenever adventure calls!

Time Saving Hacks for Busy Women

Time management is an effective way to manage stress. Use these 5 hacks to reduce stress and maximise your time.

Spiral Finger-Trace Meditation

Use the spiral to help you focus and relax through meditation. Follow the guidelines on the printable.

Word of the Year

Select a Word of the Year to stay on track with your goals.

Top 10 Tips to a Better Sleep

Use these tips to improve your sleep. See a doctor if your sleep problems persist.

Planning my Time for a Highly Successful Day

Use this daily planner to bring clarity and self-discipline to how you invest your time.

Reflect and Review: an audit of my life

Use these questions to reflect on what's working well in your life, what's not, and what you can change.

Create Success with SMART Goals

Bring clarity to your goals and creatively overcome obstacles.

Bundle of Memes #2

Print, cut and display these inspiring reminders around your home and workplace.

5 Hacks to Turn Fear Into Adventure

An attitude of adventure turns mistakes into learning curves and fears into fun!

Bundle of Memes #1

Print, cut and display these inspiring reminders around your home and workplace.

My Life is a Gift

Valuing yourself is a necessary step towards happiness and success. Use this affirmation to guide your self-care.

I Ask Myself

Keep your powerful mind-based strategies in play with these handy questions to ask yourself.