Outdoors is my Therapy

I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't have a special connection with the outdoors. As I grew older I came to realise that I felt at my best when I was exploring the outside world either with friends, family or solo. Usually this also meant I was exercising my body in some way - bush walking, abseiling, canoeing, bike riding or camping - and resting my mind from the day-to-day worries that consumed so much of my energy. The physical and mental health benefits offered by the combination of movement AND immersion in nature are pretty special and that's what makes the outdoors my therapy.

Our relationship with the outdoors changes as we grow through various  life stages, and it changes season to season and even day to day too. Into the future we'll need to adapt to a changing world and I know we'll all benefit by nurturing our relationships with nature.

I want to inspire you to connect with nature in ways that are meaningful to you so that the outdoors can be your therapy too. I'd love you to jump on board the Outdoors is my Therapy initiative by joining us and sharing your ideas and inspiration with our tribe in our Facebook Group or Instagram. Throughout the year you'll get to meet our wonderful Ambassadors online and in person at various events and activities that we think you should know about. Each of our Ambassadors is passionate about sharing the wonders of the outdoors with you.

Meet Your Ambassadors

outdoors is my therapy ambassador photo collage


"The outdoors gives me a chance to switch my mind off stressing and a chance to take in the beauty of my surrounds. My mind and body enjoys the adventure. It doesn't take long before a smile appears. I like trying new outdoor activities and will go out of my comfort zone to try it. "


"The outdoors feeds my soul. It's where I am most at home, most happy, most fulfilled." Krista loves to go on hikes with friends and helps people all round the world learn about nature and the outdoors through her inspiring writing, photography and speaker engagements. You can read more about Krista at Rambling Tart and Rambling Goat.


"Engaging in activities outdoors is my passion whether it is being active through sport and recreation (kayaking, mountain biking, swimming, walking, jogging, bouldering, mountain climbing), and just spending quiet time out in the fresh air. I extremely appreciate the mindfulness of being in nature. The surroundings of outdoors truly speak to me on another level and fills my soul with peace. It is therapy for me - the fresh air, the flora and fauna."


Margot's move from the city to the bush opened her eyes to another way of living. "In the city everything is on-hand or on-tap. It had numbed my awareness of the struggle for survival … the battle of the species for scarce resources. We have to manage our own water, sewerage, rubbish and we grow a proportion of what we eat. This puts me in touch with the reality of life on this planet in a way I never knew living in the city. For me, being in the outdoors – apart from creating an environment for healthy living - is essential for ensuring I keep in touch with what is to be human … my primordial roots." Margot is the founder and facilitator of Rural Women in Conversation.


"I grew up on a 40,000 acre sheep station in southwestern Qld and I love nature. I have been a vet for 9 years, I am now working as a vet part time 2 days a week. I am passionate about conservation and agriculture working symbiotically!" Zoe is the founder of Free Range Family Co-op which delivers quality produce grown with farming practices healthy for you, the animals and the environment.


"Being outdoors is my grounding, my reminder of what is bigger than me and my emotions, my space to really breathe and my opportunity to just hear the softness of nature as opposed to the harsh sounds of indoors. For me, being outdoors at the start and end of every day is an essential part of de-loading all of the stress and noise and 'clutter' of life."


Jessica thrives off country air, burnt orange sunsets, fluffy clouds, mountaintops and being immersed in natural elements. She values health and knows that time in nature supports a lifestyle of wellbeing, mental health, slowing down, calming the nervous system and developing connection to aspects of self. She is passionate about intentional connection to the land we walk on to fuel a deeper connection to our inner world our natural cycles. You can get to know more about Jessica at Arise with Jessica Carey.


"The outdoors is essential in all aspects of my health and wellbeing. I use an outdoors adventure therapy approach in my therapy business and have a passion for holistic approaches to healthy living including mental health, sleep, yoga and nutrition. In my spare time I love to 'go bush’, swim in the ocean and sit upon my mountain top in a yoga position." You can read more about Bel on her website Darling Downs Wellness Therapies.

Ambassador Meet-ups and Highlights

row of women ambassadors smiling at camera

Our Ambassadors meet-up in March was incredibly inspiring. We began by sharing our individual ideas for helping the community connect with the outdoors, and we ended with a truly amazing web of collaborations and projects! As we challenge ourselves to be leaders and supporters of "Outdoors is my Therapy", we are confident that you'll love being a part of this growing movement. So excited for this group, for you and for the world! [PHOTO CREDIT: Jessica Carey]

3 Ambassadors sitting together inside around a table

In July 2020 we had a small gathering of just a few of us who live locally to reflect and review the goals we'd set for ourselves pre-covid. For each of us, nature and spending time outdoors remains a vital part of our health and wellbeing strategies whether there is a pandemic or not. Sometimes we have to be creative and flexible so that we can continue to live out our mission.


Ambassadors in the outdoors

A few of us managed to get away for the day to West Gap Creek in Main Range National Park in December 2020. We witnessed the bush fire recovery as we walked to the top of the range at Cunningham's Gap and immersed ourselves in reflection and planning activities along the way.


Bel on the Hike + Camp Weekend

Bel was our camp host and yoga instructor for The Adventure Therapy Project's Hike + Camp Weekend in November 2020. Together we guided a small group of women as we explored the beautiful bushland and waterholes on Bel's property which she uses for bush adventure and therapy.


Kathryn having fun crafting with nature

The Adventure Therapy Project has been running free nature-based activities for women and girls across the Southern Downs Region in southern Queensland throughout 2019 and 2020. As the co-ordinator, Kathryn was lucky to either lead or support every one of the events we held. Here she is having fun at the very last nature craft workshop for the year creating a living wreath. Workshop instruction was provided by Louise Tait from Studio Style Inside Out.


Jessica beaming with a smile standing with bike in park

Jessica is always spreading inspiration to spend time outdoors everywhere she goes. The all-round health benefits are amazing. Nature is the ideal place to be physically active, connect with friends, feed your spirit, soothe your mind and do the things that make you happy!


Tania stands in a farm paddock

Tania is an amazingly supportive and encouraging Ambassador who has been sharing lots of information about nature, the outdoors, and various activities and events that support the Outdoors is my Therapy initiative. She's also been a keen participant in The Adventure Therapy Project events, coming along to mountain biking, nature walks, birdwatching, the Hike + Camp Weekend and one of our nature craft workshops.


Beverly sitting in a canoe on calm water

Beverly has been showing us the more adventurous side of spending time outdoors by sharing stories and photos of her own adventures like rock climbing, mountain hikes and paddling.