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Do you love spending time outdoors, being in nature or perhaps living an adventurous life?

outdoors is my therapyIf so, my new Ambassador Program might be a great fit for you! As an Ambassador you’ll help me create a healthier, more vibrant community as we spread the message about the amazing benefits of spending time outdoors.

You’ll also have heaps of support through my leadership mentoring program at no financial cost to you. So, if you totally relate to our motto “Outdoors is my Therapy”, read on for more information!

What is the aim of the Ambassador Program?

The aim of the Ambassador Program is to share the message that the outdoors is the ideal space to live an active life through physical and mental challenges as well as healing, nurturing and connection. It's best summed up in our motto “Outdoors is my Therapy”!

How does The Ambassador Program work?

The Program provides Ambassadors with mentoring over a period of 12 months as they expand their leadership skills and help build a vibrant community that’s inspired by the outdoors. Ambassadors practise their leadership skills by sharing information with the community and providing feedback to the Program about the barriers for women as well as possible solutions. The Ambassador Program is led by Kathryn Walton.

What do Ambassadors do?

• commit to the Ambassador Program for 12 months
• participate in bi-monthly face-to-face group mentoring sessions where we expand on our leadership skills and build supportive connections with each other
• use social media and face-to-face networking to share information about the benefits of being active in the outdoors, and information about resources, spaces, projects and activities with the community - just a couple of minutes each week is all this will take!
• provide feedback to the Ambassador group about the barriers that prevent women living active lives as well as the possible solutions
• join in the free projects and activities aimed at improving women’s health and wellbeing
• build connections with a diverse range of women in the community so we can spread the message as far and wide as possible
• option to participate in selected women’s retreats and workshops facilitated by Kathryn at no cost or heavily discounted rates in return for practical help on the day

How will I benefit from being an Ambassador?

Ambassadors will have unique opportunities including:

• free structured mentoring and leadership program for 12 months
• development of skills in leadership, communication, goal setting, creative problem-solving, networking and public relations
• supportive connection with the Ambassador group
• expanded social networks with like-minded women
• joining in workshops, retreats and other activities with all the benefits these offer at no cost or special discount rates
• a snazzy t-shirt and tote bag to match
• access to support from Kathryn and the Ambassador group in between our face-to-face mentoring sessions
• a Certificate of Participation on completion of 12 months in the program

Who can be an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are women of any age and stage of life (minimum 18 years old) from diverse backgrounds who want to help create a vibrant and healthy community. Ambassadors do not have to be amazing runners, bikers, or yogis. They don’t need to know how to ride a bike, hike a mountain, or paddle a canoe (although that's awesome if you do!). They don't even need a whole lot of spare time. But they do need to have a belief in our motto "Outdoors is my Therapy". Ambassadors need to be available for face-to-face mentoring sessions to be held in Warwick on the Southern Downs in Queensland approximately every 2 months.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Firstly, that’s wonderful that you’re thinking of becoming an Ambassador! I’m so excited that you’re keen to be part of the growing community of women who value their own health and wellbeing as well as that of the wider community. When others see you putting energy into your own health and skills development, they give themselves permission to do the same!

Next, I’d love to invite you to submit an Expression of Interest by clicking on the button below. Expressions of Interest are due by Friday 22nd November 2019. After reviewing your Expression of Interest, you may be contacted for more information. Please note that your Expression of Interest does not provide automatic entry into the Program. Contact me if you are unsure if the Ambassador Program is a good fit for you or if you want more information.

Ambassadors for 2020 will be selected by early December 2019.

Expression of Interest

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