Specialising in bush adventure and nature therapy

Do you love the mental and physical challenges of going on adventures in the great outdoors?

Or perhaps you love spending time in nature to relax and wind down or create calmness in your life?

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve connected with nature or perhaps you’re missing a routine to keep you fit and healthy?

Life can get complicated with competing priorities, health issues and extreme weather conditions. Even though you know the amazing benefits of spending time outdoors and living an active lifestyle, it’s much easier said than done. Right?

Absolutely - I know this for myself! If you resonate with any of this, you’ve come to the right space.

Here at Kathryn Walton Consulting, we’re in the business of helping women, families, communities, and workplaces care for their mental health and wellbeing through bush adventures and nature therapy. I love to share information, inspiration and activities that connect you with nature, with your inner self, and with your team or tribe. The evidence is clear that when we’re connected to nature, connected to our inner selves and connected to other people, we live healthier and happier lives. So what are you waiting for?!

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Nature's Self-Care Pack Give-Away

nature's self-care packI'd love to know what I can do to better support your self-care, what works for you and what gets in the way too. By completing my short survey, I'll be able to help women like you much better. And you'll go in the draw to win a beautiful Self-Care Pack of natural products and services valued at $299 including:

I'm also offering complementary 15-30 minute phone / video calls to chat about how things are for you at the moment including the challenges and possible solutions to your self-care practices, spending time outdoors and your general well-being. If you'd like to accept this offer, simply tick the box in the survey. It's my way of giving back to the community in these current tough times. (Limited numbers apply)



Kathryn is a passionate advocate for women and human services professionals in rural and regional areas.

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