Coaching (Premium Package)


The Coaching Premium Package offers amazing value with one free session when you pre-purchase for use over the following 6 months (6 sessions for the price of 5!) When you commit to regular and consistent coaching sessions you benefit from more rapid and consistent progress towards your goals. Are you ready to to transform aspects of your personal or professional life? One-on-one coaching is a process that guides and supports you as you work towards your goals. Face-to-face, online video and telephone sessions are available. All sessions are 60 minutes in length.

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Are you looking to transform aspects of your personal, professional or business life? Coaching guides, supports and challenges you to work towards your goals, and perhaps even to work out what your goals are. Best outcomes are achieved when you commit to a series of regular meetings to focus on your goals with agreed tasks completed between each session. Face-to-face, online video and telephone sessions are available.

Suitable for all women from any walk of life who are eager to step up, challenge themselves, and take action towards their goals.

Additional Information
The Coaching Premium Package is for use by one individual. Sessions are not transferable to another person.
Cancellation Policy:
Please provide at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your session. Failure to do so may result in forfeiting the session with no refund.

Please be on time. The time has been allotted to you. If you are late, the session will still need to finish at the scheduled time.